Algaecide: What Does It Do?  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2013 in Articles

There are sevearl different types of algaecide on the market. The differences in algaecides is its strength and effectiveness (in relation to its price) and depending on what type of algae you have in the pool, the type of algaecide you will use will be different.

All algaecides work in the same way. Algae has very small pores and because of this it can be difficult for your chlorine shock to get within the pours of the algae and kill it. This is where an algaecide comes in. All algaecides are designed to make the algae swell and in turn increasing the size of the algae pores and allowing the chlorine to get within it an kill it effectively. Algaecides do not kill the algae on their own. They work together with chlorine to clean the algae out of the pool. Different algae requires different algaecides.

Here is a list of types of algae and the required algaecide that will help kill it.

Algae Prevention: Algaecide 30 or Algaecide 60 (a lighter preventitive algaecide)

Green Algae: You can use the same algaecide as a preventive algaecide or not use an algaecide at all. The pores of green algae are big enough on their own to allow the chlorine to kill it without using an algaecide.

Mustard Algae (Yellow Algae - looks like sand): You must use an algaecide with mustard algae. Use a heavy duty algaecide or a copper based algaecide.

Brown Algae: You must use an algaecide with brown algae. Use an algaecide designed for brown algae.

Pink Algae: You must use an algaecide with pink algae. Use an algaecide designed for pink algae.

How to use the Algaecide:

First clean out your baskets and backwash your filter to ensure maximum filtration.
Pour the required amount of algaecide into the pool.
Let your pump run for 2-3 hours to allow the algaecide to circulate throughout the pool.
Shock the water using granular chlorine (a very heavy shock is recommended. Two to three times the normal shock, depending on the severity and amount of algae in the water. Not enough shock AT ONE TIME will require you to reapply an algaecide and shock)
Let your pump run for 24 hours a day until the water clears up, but you should see a noticeable difference within the first day)
Backwash your filter 1-2 times a day until lthe water is clear (this will significantly speed up the clearing process)

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