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The first vacuum powered swimming pool cleaner was invented in 1951 by a hydraulics engineer named Ferdinand Chauvier in South Africa. He was from the Belgian Congo and went to South Africa. He noticed that there are needs for machines that would do their job automatically, and use ordinary power for efficient operation of the pool filters.

Pool Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect dirt, sediments and debris from swimming pools with minimum human power. It can lessen the usage of pool chemicals to maintain the water's cleanliness and will lower the operation cost in regular use.

Sanitize the water of your pool
Can lower the operation costs by regular use
Minimize the buildup of bacteria in the water
Lessen the usage of pool chemicals
Can be use with the full help of a person
Can be use in a very long time

Types of Pool Cleaner

Return-side Driven
In this type of cleaner, it require a dedicated pump for a high amount of water flow for movement or constant adjustment to provide adequate flow to the cleaner. It requires high running costs because of its additional pump and adjustments of the return flow of pipeworks.

Pressure Driven
Kindly same with return-side driven types of cleaner, except that a dedicated pump is required to provide additional water pressure and flow. And even it has a same high running costs because of the additional pumps.

Suction-side Driven
It is usually attached to a 1.5 inch hose to the skimmer vacuum plate or on the side of the pool with a dedicated vacuum line. The pool's pump creates a suction effect that allows the robot to move forward along the walls and floors of the pool picking up dirt and debris as it moves.

Electronic and Robotic
In this type of cleaner, they use an external cord to drive motors used for locomotion and suction. It usually needed the less human intervention in cleaning the pool, but with the same cleaning power as other types and maybe an efficient one.

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