All About Swimming Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 06-20-2009 in Articles

Having a swimming pool is a lot of fun - especially in the summer - but for those of us who want our pools to have that little bit extra you can now buy designer swimming pool liners. There is a wide variety of quality in swimming pool liners as there are with any kind of product, but there is also a huge range of choices.

Putting a new liner into your pool can really transform it from looking fairly average to looking great. But is it really worth the expense? Liners tend to need to be replaced every so often anyway and if yours has lots of cracks or is faded now could be a good time to get a more stylish one.

Most liners today are vinyl liners and can be bought for both above and beneath ground swimming pools and can be found for both oval and rectangular ones. They are usually able to withstand the constant UV radiation that will be incident on them as well as last a long time in harsh weather so if you spend a little extra you will often gain a lot in the longevity of your liner.

Of course the best thing about swimming pool liners is the wide range of colors and designs you can get. Most are a variation of blue styles, but you can also get ones that look like certain types of tiles and can look very realistic. Of course if you have the money then real tiles could also be an option.

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