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by Pool Builders on 01-08-2012 in Articles

Swimming pool is one of the very favorites of everyone in a house. On an overall swimming pool is places where you can relax, exercise, have fun in the water and much more. Swimming pools maintenance is very important is regard with its hygienic issues. This is due to the reason that while you are in the water, you intake the same water sometimes in which you are swimming and due to the gulping of that water one can fall sick, if cleanliness is not properly maintained. There are a number of rules to be followed while maintaining the cleanliness of a swimming pool. First of all proper swimming pool filter should be installed and fitted. It should be made sure that it works properly and regularly. It should have automatic trimmings set to maintain proper hygienic levels. Now days the most preferred pool cleaners that should be installed are called automatic pool cleaners. These pool cleaners are of various types. Some of them are skimmer systems, booster pump systems and in-floor systems. All of these are operated automatically and there is no manual hassle in these pool cleaning systems.

The skimmer system is a very easy to go system. There are skimmers installed in the pools which help in the process of sucking the germs and unwanted materials. It is done through vacuum. The suction system is very strong and does not lead to any dirt left behind. The other system called the booster pump system is again a very powerful pool cleaning system. This system as the name explains helps in cleaning the pool through the method of pumping. It pumps inside all the dirt in water. It is attached separately to the pool. It takes water inside that is on return to the pool and cleaned and filters it, later on let go of the pure water. This way it creates a proper cleaning chain and cycle. The last automatic cleaning system is called the in-floor systems. Hey are fixed inside the floor of the pool. They are installed at the time of the building of the swimming pool. They have to be fitted inside the concrete floor of the pool and the whole circulation channel has to be designed in a well-designed way. This automatic pool cleaning system is very durable with a long life but is expensive and requires high investment costs to fit in.

While talking about the hygiene of the swimming pools, another point that has to be kept in mind is the use of chlorines and other germs killing chemicals. We have to make sure that chlorine is being used in a certain amount, as excessive use of chlorine can prove to be hazardous for the health. It also has to make sure that the chemicals being used are for dangerous for human health and does not contain strong acids or something like that.
On an overall if hygienic measures are met and maintained for a swimming pool, it can be a very good entertaining and exercising place.

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