All About Under Water Lighting  

by Pool Builders on 03-05-2014 in Articles

Underwater Lighting is mostly used for decoration and to beautify the pool. By installing the Underwater Lighting in the swimming pools, not only the look of the pool is enhanced but the pool area is also secured in case no fencing is installed. The market is now full with many lighting options that can be installed underwater, i.e. swimming pools. Special consideration should be given towards enhancing the aesthetic look of the pool while choosing lighting fixtures for the pools.

The use of LED lights is quite popular in Underwater Lighting Systems in comparison to the traditional lightings.

  • They have a longer life and are much brighter than the traditional lights.
  • Many of the LED pool lights can change their color according to different patterns and rhythms.
  • They are available as surface lights that can be made to float on the water surface or as fixtures that can be fitted in the pool.
There are many things that need to be considered while buying the Pool Lights depending upon the requirement, pool type, budget and features. So, now get ready for some tips to choose the right Underwater Lighting for your swimming pool.

Tips To Buy Underwater Pool Lighting

  • It is important that you purchase the lighting on the basis of the fixtures present in the swimming pools. Many of the modern pools can accept the 12 volt traditional as well as the 120-volt LED lights. Make sure that the lighting is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Choose the lighting based on the type of your pool. Many of the pools that are made before 1968 are not compatible with some modern day lighting types. For them special casing and wiring is required and they can only be installed only by professionals.

  • The lights run on considerably high voltage, so people who want to cut down their electricity costs yet need pool lighting, can opt for systems equipped with pool light timers.
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