All You Need to Know and Do About Enrolling Your Child in Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2014 in Articles

If you have decided that your child is ready for swimming lessons, you are making a fantastic decision. You will probably have noticed that there are lessons available in your local pool and leisure centre. However, before you actually send your child to these, what do you need to do to be fully prepared?

Getting Ready for Swimming Instruction

1. Get your child used to water in the bathtub. Blow bubble with them, let your child lie down in shallow water on both their back and their tummy and make sure they get lots of water in their face.

2. Be prepared for your child to be a bit distressed during the first lesson. They may cry a bit because they are worried about something new. Good instructors know this, anticipate it and are able to deal it. Don't get nervous about it or decide to try it later, this will only validate your child's worries.

3. Tears may just continue for quite a few lessons. You should, however, notice that these outbursts are becoming shorter. Stick with it and persevere.

4. Do not bring goggles for the first few lessons. Children have to learn that it is OK to get water in your face and eyes. Teachers don't keep your kids' eyes under water long enough for them to become irritated by the chlorine. This won't start until they actually start learning strOKes, at which point goggles may be beneficial.

5. Do speak to your physician about whether or not you should get ear plugs. If they do, make sure that you practice with them in the bath first.

6. If your child has long hair, tie it back to keep it out of their face. Don't expect a swimming cap to keep their hair dry.

7. If you want to reinforce the lessons you child had, take them to the pool for fun. However, you are not their teacher, so stop trying to instruct them, and don't expect they will do the same things for you as they did during their lessons.

8. Try to start swimming before the real swimming season starts. If you start in the autumn, for instance, you have a bigger chance of being able to enjoy your child's new skills in the summer when you go near pools, lakes or seas for instance.

9. Consistency is key. Keep repeating the same thing and try to let your child stay with the same instructor the whole time.
10. Always praise your child for everything they do.

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