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by Pool Builders on 07-18-2010 in Articles

With new research and findings, electronic gadgets are improving with each passing day. One of the recent developments in electronic gadgets is the robotic pool cleaners. It cleans your swimming pool efficiently without any human assistance. The existing pool cleaners are widely used as they can clean a swimming pool of any size within a very short span of time. There are various kinds of such machines in the market which are efficient and are available at affordable prices. Sta-rite pool cleaners are one of the most widely used among them.

There are several useful features in Sta-rite pool cleaners [] that make it useful for the users. The following are the basic features of Sta-rite pool cleaners.

* These cleaners are fitted with a vacuum pump of industry standard. The pump is made of glass reinforced composite resin. This trendy vacuum pump is used widely in different cleaners. Moreover the pump is not huge and hence the filtering of the pool is done effectively without wasting too much energy.

* It has special fins attached which can easily wipe stubborn dirt inside your pool.

* The oscillating vortex of Sta-rite is another useful attachment that helps to clean the debris completely. This oscillating vortex not only removes leaves, twigs, and pebbles, it also helps to clean those tiny dust particles which can cause bacteria and fungus formation in water.

Advantages of Sta-rite pool cleaners

* These are durable and you need to spend least amount of money on regular servicing.

* It comes with several accessories, water toys and fun accessories that you will need in your pool. Hence, you can save a lot of money.

* The machine is very user-friendly and can be operated easily after you go through the user's manual.

* Cleaning the machine is also simple and involves few easy steps.

Cleaning and care of Sta-rite pool cleaners

* Turn-off the circuit breaker of the machine first.

* Take off the air release valve situated on the top to release the pressure from the filter.

* Now drain the Sta-rite cleaner completely.

* The next task will be opening the filter and taking off the clamp. You must be very cautious while removing the top portion of this cleaner. The air release valve and pressure gauge are situated on the top which can get damaged if you are not careful.

The above mentioned advantages of Sta-rite pool cleaners will definitely make it a necessary thing to purchase for those who have outdoor pool in their yard. is a quality vendor of such gadgets and you can get their product at a reasonable cost. Visit their official website to see the different type of Sta-rite cleaners they have.

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