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Swimming has been one of the most popular activities among the masses. It helps not only as an exercise but also as a recreational activity. You can relax your muscles while swimming. If you cannot afford for your own private swimming pool, you can opt for swim spas Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With these machines in your backyard, you do not have to head out to your local swimming pool, where you cannot have privacy. Also, the problem with commercial pools is that you have to use them at a particular time and within a given stretch. But with your own swim spa, you can dip into it whenever you want.

Introduction to swim spas

Swim spas Toronto, Ontario, Canada are known to be mini swimming pools. They are a cross between a swimming pool and a hot tub. Single zone swim spas are driven by fiberglass pressure. They have spas with massage jets on one side and swim jets on the other side. The dual zone models consist of a hot tub and a swim zone. The hot tub is used for relaxing while the swim zone is used for exercising purposes.


With swim spas Toronto, Ontario, Canada you can swim in one place. They are like treadmills where you can run in a single place. The propellants inside the machine circulate the water in the tub with immense pressure. The force built is up to four thousand gallons. Following the powerful circulation, the water is re- circulated with the same force to create resistance. This mechanism helps you to swim in the same place.

When you swim under that kind of resistance, you can get good exercise for your muscles. You can adjust the current according to the resistance you desire. If you are a swimming pro, you can set for higher resistance. If you are a learner, it is better to go for lower current pressure.


There are certain things you should check before buying the swim spa. Check if the propellants are working fine and if the spa is producing steady current. You can check for turbulence at the centre of the water pool in the machine; the water in the corners remains unperturbed. Check the size of the machine. You should keep in mind all the people who will make use of it. See if the size is enough to be used comfortably by everyone. See to it that the tub is lined with good quality fiberglass.

Costs and installation

Before buying swim spas Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you should look out for different companies and ask for prices from them. You can get the best deals from certain vendors. Ask if the installation and maintenance charges are included in the cost or if you should pay extra. Installing the machine is simple. You can either get it placed over ground or dig your backyard a little and fit it into the ground. For operating and maintenance, refer to the user's manual or ask your dealer.

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