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by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

It is always the maintenance cost that makes a lot of people have second thoughts of having their very own residential pools. Aside from worrying about the putting up of the pool, you should also take into consideration the pool water maintenance. It is not only time consuming and very tedious, it could also be very expensive. On the other hand, if you have the reliable Hayward Aqua Rite chlorine generator, having a pool at home may just become more favorable.

This equipment has a lot of features to offer than any other known chlorine generator. It has everything that most pool owners want to have. It has the features every pool owners need to solve every problem that they have to face just to be able to keep bacteria and algae free pool water.

One thing that you need to know about this saltwater chlorinator is its ability to be able to make the most of the used salt in its operations. With this equipment, you would only have to use around 1.45 pounds of chlorine in order to keep a 40,000 gallon of water pool very conducive for swimming. Furthermore, pool water maintenance can be easily done on your own and you can save much more as you do not need to use a lot of salt for its operation. Understanding how the Aqua Rite operates will help you understand how this mechanism is possible. What it does is, after the chlorine has been done oxidizing the water to get rid of algae and bacteria, it easily slips the chlorine that was produced back into salt. Since you really do not use much salt every time you use the chlorine generators, you can save a lot in your maintenance cost.

Another remarkable thing about this chlorine generator is the quality of pool water it produces after chlorine has been added. Most problems that salt chlorinator users have are the level of saltiness in the pool water. This is the reason why there are those who get red eyes, frizzy hair and dry skin. These are the effects that you get when you take a dip in the beach. The reason for all of these is because of high salt levels. Most people prefer to take a dip in the pool because it is supposed to have none of these effects. There are those who change their mind about going for a swim once they find out the pool has been treated using salt chlorination. Hayward Aqua Rite, on the other hand, is totally different. Seeing this common problem, its makers have designed the equipment to keep the salt level to the minimum. This would, in turn, result to bathers not being able to notice these irritating salt effects. In fact, the kind of pool water produced gives a silky, smooth feel to the skin. It is surely beyond other salt water chlorinators.

Also, the Aquarite chlorine generator can operate even with the slightest supervision. The Aqua Rite equipment could accomplish all of its function even if pool owners are not around. If the pool filtration system is working, the chlorinator can and will continue to do its job. When you go away on vacation, you never have to worry about coming home to a pool infested with algae and bacteria. There is no need to work with chlorine chemicals just to accomplish this. Your pool water will always be ready for anybody who wants to take a dip.

If you are worried that this equipment might be more than difficult to handle, then perish such thought. Aside from being very efficient, it is also very easy to manage. It has a dial where you could control the amount of chlorine, 1-100%, that you want and the salt level can be easily monitored as it has a salt level display. In order to assess how much salt you should add, take into consideration how much water you have in your pool and your filtration time. Just remember that a gallon of water would only need around a teaspoon of salt. Monitoring has become very simple especially with its digital salt display and eight diagnostic indicators. Even those who find it very troublesome to manipulate even the simplest of equipment will not find it difficult to use the Aqua Rite.

Surely, given all of the information, you would find how remarkable the Aqua Rite salt system is for any pools may it be in your residence or in hotels, restaurants and the likes. With this equipment, you will always have pool water that is free of any algae and bacteria without having to worry about the maintenance cost.

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