Amazing New Inflatable Pool Slides - So Fun Yet So Affordable  

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2009 in Articles

It's a fact that there is nothing like pool slides to kick up the fun factor a couple of notches in a swimming pool. The problem is though that if you have an above ground pool with a deck, mounting a standard pool slide can be difficult if not impossible.

No Mounting Brackets Or Screws

Not to worry! Thats because new inflatable pool slides simply plunk right down beside your pool on any surface and require no mounting screws or brackets what so ever. Simply inflate it and you are good to go!

Inflatable Pool Slides are Plenty Big

Now you may be asking yourself just how realistic an inflatable pool slide is? After all. A pool slide has to be of a certain height in order for the kids to slide down on it. Also, will the kids accept one as the genuine article.

Soft and Cushy - Nice and Safe

Believe it! These things are huge! Granted they do take a while to inflate but once your inflatable pool slide is filled it functions just the same as a standard pool slide. Also because they aren't rigid fiberglass they are far more safer to use than standard pool slides.

Floating Island Pool Slides!

You simply must see one of the inflatable pool slides that double as a floating island! It floats out in the center of the pool and the kids climb up on it and slide down on it out the there. Now thats maximum fun and maximum safety!

Super Affordable - So Easy to Find Online

The prices on inflatable pool slides are the real shocker though. In fact you can pick one up for only around $100. However; if you want to select from the more extravagant models, you can do so and still stay well under the $200 mark!

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