Amazing Technologically Advanced Fiber Optics Swimming Pool Lights  

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2009 in Articles

Perhaps the next time you find yourself taking a dip in a pool you might stop and ask yourself why there is only one big light at the end of the deep end. Of course this isn't always the case but for pools built prior to recent years it most likely is.

Electrical Lights and Water

The reason for this is quite simple. That is that as you may already know electricity, water and standard lights just don't mix well. The more a pool is wired up and fitted with standard electric lights the more chances there are for malfunctions.

Trends In Fiber Optics Swimming Pool Lights

With so much being done with creative lighting in and around homes today it's a shame too because pools filled with water are truly an inviting canvas for creative lighting work. Of course new trends in pool lighting are emerging and fiber optics is one of them.

Replacing Wires and Electricity

Fiber optics is no gimmick. In fact the technology is being adopted into more industries today than ever before and it's number one use is replacing electrical wiring systems. Quite simply, instead of wires and electricity, light itself travels through glass cables and threads.

Swimming Pool Lights With No Light Bulbs

So what can a fiber optics lighting system bring to swimming pool lights that a standard electrical lighting system cant? To start with, light bulbs are completely eliminated, so they never have to be replaced. Also water has no effect on a fiber optics light source.

A Swimming Pool Light Switch Box With No Electrical Wires??

No electricity means a light switch box can be installed right in the pool itself that can never ever shock you because it only handles light being carried in glass fibers. Also lighting options are immense because fiber optics lighting is completely trouble free.

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