Amazon, Almost Like the Real Thing  

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

Amazon Pattaya Condominium gives its future residents the chance to experience an Amazonian adventure €" in a secure and risk free way. Property investors interested in taking a look into Iguana-Matrix Group's Amazon condominiums will find out at one glance that if they will avail of such investment opportunity, they will be able to experience luxury living with adventure streaks. The luxury living is experienced when one lives in the incredibly inexpensive but fully furnished condominium units in comfortable beach like ambiance; while the adventure can be experienced through its fitness center, children's park, leisure zones, garden and best of all, the Amazon themed swimming area.

You can be skeptic about Amazon Paradise Jomtien offering an Amazonian adventure, but if you get to see the real thing, you will realize that the term adventure is not an exaggerated definition for the experience, one would come across when using the facilities found in the condominium's vicinity. The Amazon is comprised of four low rise buildings with eight floors each and exclusive poolside apartments. The units again matched up the beach ambiance found in the outside environment of the condominium. They are also furnished with fixtures that make the residents' stay very, very comfortable. Such fixtures would be the soft sofas, dining facilities and cooking appliances, and the bed and LCD flat screen TV. The bathrooms even reflect luxury tiles complete with hot water system and water reserve. Other sanitary fixtures are included in the bathrooms as well.

The Amazon Pattaya Condominium buildings are surrounded by the 1.200 square meters pool, with it running through the center and through the exterior sides of the buildings. The pool is three tiered and has some slide from the top most level down the last tier. It is also decorated with man-made rock formations from where mini waterfalls flow down. Some of these mini waterfalls are actually Jacuzzis areas in the pool. The pool itself is surrounded by beach sand and palm plants that serve as shades and cooling places for those who want to stay out of the sun. A long bridge on one side runs along the swimming pool area. The bridge serves as the access point for all the sandy beaches with lounge chairs for sunbathing and relaxing. Islets are also placed on the waters of the pool as well as grottos and caves. Piranha, crocodiles, snake and flamingo water fountains can be found on the sides and grottos of the swimming pool.

On the rooftops of the condominium, away from the attractive swimming pool, and away from the units, are the landscaped leisure zones of Amazon Paradise Jomtien. Such rooftop leisure zones offer some sense of tranquility to those who want to meditate and relax from the clutter of attractions down below on the grounds. Lunch can also be served in the roof top because a picnic grove with the nice view of the city is also set up above. On the other ground exteriors of the buildings too are the fitness gym, the restaurant, and the children's play area with see saw, slides, swings and other children's play amenities.

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