An Above Ground Pool Fence - Tips For Building Your Own  

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2009 in Articles

You may not realize it but the most important part of building an above ground pool fence is installing the posts. They are essentially the bones of your above ground pool fence, so if they are installed incorrectly the rest of the fence will show it.

Your First Step In Building Your Above Ground Pool Fence

Start by determining your property line. This can be done by going down to the planning department and pulling up and copying the plot map of your subdivision or area. For this task you will definitely need a 100 foot measuring tape and a pair of helping hands to hold the end of the tape "tightly".

You Don't Need a Surveyor To Locate Your Property Lines

You don't need a surveyor because a surveyor is used only when the property lines need to be officiated for selling or dividing a piece of property etc. Simply locate the markers or landmarks that are given on the plot map and work from there.

Make Sure Your Above Ground Pool Fence Is On Your Property

Once you locate your property lines come "in" on your property about one foot to locate your fence. The reason for this is that often times by the time you are through measuring there can be about one foot margin for error. Also the original surveyor may have made an error.

Establishing Your Above Ground Pool Fence Line

Drive stakes in the ground at each end of what is too be your fence line. Now attach a thick construction grade string to each stake and pull it tight. Then you will use a felt pen to mark out even increments that are 8 foot in length "or less" along the sting.

Get Ready to Dig Your Post Holes 18 Inches Deep

Your next step will be to drive a small stake in the ground at each mark that you have made on the string. Now you can take the sting down while leaving the stakes at each end intact to use as reference when you are installing the fence posts.

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