An Above Ground Swimming Pool Has Its Benefits and Drawbacks   

by Pool Builders on 06-18-2011 in Articles

Living in Texas, a swimming pool is almost a necessity if you can afford one, but our community has a problem with the soil that prevents most people from having in-ground swimming pools.

My wife and I decided a few years ago to buy an above ground swimming pool for our two children, and as time has gone by, we've noticed that it has its benefits and drawbacks.

One of the best things about an above ground pool is that it is very easy to set up. We did most of it ourselves with a little help from our neighbors. It felt great to be able to get it set up one day and be swimming in it the next day, and my wife and I thought we were geniuses.

Another big thing for us was how much cheaper it was to buy the above ground swimming pool than one that was put into the ground. We literally saved thousands of dollars doing so, and that was completely OK by my wife and I.

There is also the matter of installation. Digging a huge hole in our backyard, which is not that big to begin with, and then pouring concrete and installing a pool and filtration system would be quite a headache, even if someone else was doing the work.

I also liked the fact that our dogs could not just run up and jump in the pool. Our above ground swimming pool was high enough that the dogs would have to climb the little stepladder to get in, which they actually tried a couple of times before we made it clear to them that the pool was not for doggies.

As far as the drawbacks are concerned, cleaning the above ground swimming pool is not always the most pleasant experience. We constantly have problems with leaves and branches falling in the pool, and it takes quite some time.

Also, draining the pool is never easy. We practically flood our entire backyard whenever we empty the pool when the fall rolls around, and it is quite a mess.

Another issue is that while it is easy to set up, taking it down is another matter entirely. An above ground swimming pool does require some effort when disassembling.

The biggest problems with the above ground pools mainly involve extra work, and there are a lot of benefits. If a person lives in a place that is not conducive to in-ground pools or just does not want to go to the trouble or expense, an above ground swimming pool is a good option.

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