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by Pool Builders on 01-30-2012 in Articles

Taking trips to the different places that cater to your leisure preferences might be taxing at times, given that you would need to go out always, either to join some club for a particular hobby or to visit some place to simply relax. However, as much as how inviting taking little trips would be, sometimes the places where the clubs and other amenities are, are out of your way so you choose not to go instead. But you know that you will be really doing these things if only they are easy to access. What can be done about things like this then? The clearest resolution is to live at some place that is near the said areas. The best answer on the other hand is to live in a place that has several leisure amenity choices.

La Santir Jomtien is one condominium that can offer the tenants a variety of activities to do. This is not just because it is near other places but because it in fact it has the said amenities right in its own court. La Santir has its own tennis area and children's play ground among all the other amenities normally found in condominiums. The other amenities are the sports club, restaurant, swimming pool area, gardens, and jogging paths. The amenities in La Santir Jomtien have been planned out well. The jogging path for instance is on top of the underground parking lot, and behind it is the tennis court and play ground. The jogging path also goes together with the garden, as the jogging grounds are surrounded with landscaped patches too. This maximizes the whole condominium grounds thus space is not wasted at all. The mentioned amenities are behind the La Santir high rise building while the swimming pool is upfront. The swimming pool is closely littered with the numerous lounge chairs that seem comfortable to sit onto. The swimming pool, although at ground level is built on an elevated platform. This is done in such manner since the edge part of the pool, flows into an entrance wall fountain that bears the name of the condominium and its developer. Also, the same pool houses another underground car park as well.

The restaurant and sports club of the project are decorated elegantly yet simply. In the restaurant for instance, the tables and chairs are set up in white and patterned gray. Most are for four seats only though. Some tables are beside the viewing glass that overlooks the lovely jomtien condominium grounds while some are near a bar. The sports club too has exercise machines that are completely matched with LCD screens that show fitness moves.

Since the condominium is located at Soi Chayapruek Rd then other than the life amenities inside the condominium, La Santir Jomtien is close to action packs. If the tenants are tired of swimming in the condominium's pool, they can go to Sukhumvit beach and take a dip into ocean waters, the condominium being only a kilometer away from Jomtien sands. If they also want to try other tourist attractions, then they are not to worry because there are several tourist get away spots near the condo such as Pattaya's Floating Market, the Under Waterworld, and Nangnuch Garden. If this is not enough, well the tenants can go to the open air water reservoir and socialize with the fishermen who frequent the place.

On the other hand, if they need to buy toiletries and other personal belongings, they would not have anything to complain about the accessibility. La Santir is near several 7 eleven stores. To date, the condominium is beside one 7 eleven branch. A street away on the left of the condo is another branch and on the road on the right side is still a third 7 eleven store. Since 7 eleven stores run open for 24 hours, the tenants may just come and go whenever they want to buy something. The condominium is even near a police station so there won't be any worries as well on getting police assistance in case some emergency would happen.

La Santir Jomtien is a condominium for those who want to be near everything €" bathing, playing sports, getting fit, eating, and others. So for a place that is accessible to all leisure activities, visit La Santir's developer and see what the condominium has for its tenants.

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