An Impressive Boutique Hotel Bangkok You Should Try - Navalai River Resort  

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A Bangkok hotel within the vicinity of one of Thailand's river attractions, the Chao Phraya River, is a perfect haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Navalai River Resort is a boutique hotel Bangkok that is nestled just a stone throw away from the river. It is not just near the riverbank but also is conveniently a starting point to the awesome attractions of Bangkok, to the entertainment, shopping and party places of the charming city.

Know More About The Navalai River Resort's Unique Rooms

Many hotels in Bangkok are the traditional structures that are dictated by the international chain style but Navalai River Resort has assumed its own distinction. It has a chic and rustic structure that has its roots from the richness of Thailand's heritage. The boutique hotel Bangkok houses 74 rooms of four different motifs that will definitely create a different experience everytime you visit this hotel in Bangkok.

Artist-Themed Room

To satisfy the artistic bone in you, take the artist themed room where your artistic fantasies are satiated.

Colonial-Inspired Room

For the nostalgic and rustic guest, the colonial-inspired is your perfect abode for the night or a couple of days.

Thai Lifestyle Themed Room

Want a taste of Thai lifestyle? Check out the Thai lifestyle themed room for a glorious authenticity of why Thailand is the city of smiles.

Rattanakosin Themed Room

Get to know why the Rattanakosin heritage remains alive up to the modern Thailand. Treat yourself to the rich heritage in a Rattanakosin themed room. Regal and exquisite, the Rattanakosin is itself a rich and elegant revelation of Thai royal art and history.

Find Out More About Its Facilities And Amenities

The streams of top of the line facilities and amenities at Navalai River Resort are designed to create an everlasting impression of classic elegance, Thai style.

Authentic Leng Hong Spa And Massage

The spa and massage is an amazing touch of healing and soothing from the daily struggles in work and recreation. Enjoy authentic Leng Hong massage to calm your nerves ready for tomorrow's hefty activities.

Rooftop Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Pool Bar

Enjoy being on top of the world while taking a cool dip at its roof top swimming pool or better yet, have fun while the water soothes your muscles at the jacuzzi. Match the your body's wetness with a glass of juice or any of your favorite drinks from the pool bar. Create your own taste of enjoyment at the rooftop of this amazing boutique hotel Bangkok - see Bangkok down below, or get that irresistible tan from the sun.

Aquatini Bar And Riverside Restaurant

Navalai River Resort also offers a wide variety of gustatory delights at its Aquatini Bar and Riverside Restaurant. The blend of aqua that represents the enchanting Chao Phraya River and martini, one of the world's very popular bar drink, Aquatini is the place to be. Besides the best treats, your choice of fine dining in the air-conditioned room or a wisp of fresh air can be yours.

The restobar's open view terrace offers an amusement between sights, food, good company and good music. It is the only hotel Bangkok that houses the best Bangkok restaurant. Authentic Thai dishes or the Thai-European culinary for a more exciting flavor mix. Navalai River Resort reveals the majesty of the old riverside in a boutique hotel Bangkok that's within your reach.

Learn more about its excellent character and visit to see what you can get without spending much, taking a lot of risks and efforts.

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