An In Depth Analysis of Inground Pool Cover Accessories  

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2012 in Articles

Inground pool covers come in all sizes, shapes and with different accessories. While I was casually sifting through safety pool covers for inground pool videos, I learned a great deal about them. Through this article, you'll get to know about these covers from a completely different perspective. Read on...

Inground Pool Covers - Standards Come In 2 Categories!

First of all, there's a product quality standard to be followed which isn't, by any means, a negligible factor. Secondly, there are installation factors that probably aren't too common these days. There's a general notion that once a top quality winter inground cover has been purchased, there's nothing else to worry about.

In terms of product quality standards, your pool cover may or may not come with:

€ Black bottom layer for protection against self-developing pollutants and algae.

€ In built heat retention seams and rims for maintaining water temperature during offseason.

€ Crossover cables, assisted with drill holes and hook facility for added strength and protection.

€ Vinyl and Polyethylene combination for long term product life.

Moving on, let's talk about crossover cables for a second. Inground covers are normally assisted with crossover cables that run the entire length of the cover in a horizontal setting. At both ends, each cable normally has a hook or a holder, which is fastened to the ground through a drill holed bolt.

Now if you're wondering about the fear of stubbing your toe against these bolts, don't worry about it. When not in use, the cover and bolt can be safely removed - so much so that except for small holes around the swimming pool, there are no protrusions. A diver, or a swimmer, can confidently walk around the pool's surface, without thinking about foot injuries or whatsoever.

Those inground covers that don't have cross cables facility; they're normally installed through hooks at each corner of the cover. This is not a good choice from a long term perspective. The overall weight of the cover is not shared, and it may collapse if a heavy object accidentally falls on the surface. Your entire setup will be literally torn to pieces without any probable hopes of refunds or repairs.

Automation Is Better Than Manual Labor

There are automated safety pool covers for inground pools. These covers are powered by a robust automatic reel that rolls and unrolls everything at a button's whim. Other than some initial installation hassles to bear with, automated inground pool covers are not a bad choice.

Especially when you consider this time of the year, automatic winter pool covers inground could be a great choice for all. Hoping that this article might've helped you clear some misconceptions about pool covers; feel free to buy them from any online or offline retailer.

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