An Insight on the Above Ground Pools in Terms of Affordability

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2012 in Articles

During the hot summer months, many families want something to keep them cool and happy without having to leave home for some beach resort or public pool. The heat and warmth of summer days can discourage almost everyone from stepping out of the air conditioned comfort of the indoors. This is perhaps the reason why many homeowners are considering a swimming pool built into the lawn. However, the cost of installing the in-ground pools can be very expensive and unaffordable for the greater majority. Some do not have the space for the in-ground pool or the community has strict regulations against diggings.

The better alternative from the in-ground pool is the above ground pool which is much easier to install and costs only about a fraction of the total cost of an in-ground pool. The maintenance costs of the above ground swimming pool are much less than the in-ground pool which makes it a better investment in the long run. The above ground require a regular check on the chlorine levels if they are safe and assuring that the pool is free from debris like dried leaves and algae.

The above ground pool are safer for children since they have more difficulty in accessing the waters than an in-ground pool. However, due to the growing number of accidental drowning in pools, states have made strict regulations on proper pool fencing to prevent accidents. If there is a ladder leading to the above ground swimming pool, it needs to be secured with a lock so as not to facilitate the entry of children and pets. With the above ground swimming pools, it is less likely to find unexpected visitors like squirrels, dogs or cats because access is limited due to the height from the ground. This minimizes the animal hair and dirt that may clog the filters of the pool.

The biggest factor in the choice between the in-ground pool and the above ground swimming pools is the price and ease of installation. Although many homeowners still prefer a professional installation to avoid tilting and instability, the cost will not drain the bank account. Should there be a need to move to a new home, the above ground swimming pool can easily be dismantled and moved to another location. However, add much to the value of the home not only in terms of price but aesthetic beauty. The in-ground pool easily blend with a landscape and made more attractive with plants and flowers.

If you are thinking of a swimming pool for this summer, it is important to look at the pros and cons of both kinds of pools. This an investment for the family which should not require a home improvement loan that would erode into the monthly budget. By buying the above ground swimming pool, you are not only giving the family fun and enjoyment for summer but you are saving yourself a lot of money and extra time. If you purchase the above ground swimming pool you can start the fun in an instant.

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