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by Pool Builders on 11-23-2013 in Articles

Today we are moving to speak about how a swimming pool filtration system system operates. There may be a pump timer, a swimming pool pump and a filter. We will discuss the operate of the pump, the filtration, the plumbing and how this performs with each other.

Water journeys from the pool to the push. The water comes in through two pipes. One originates from the pool skimmer and the other comes from the major drains at the bottom of the pool. The water is drawn into the water pump on the suction power side. Prior to getting into the pump motor the water moves by way of a basket called a strainer cooking pot. The basket is a supplementary path for filtering the water to stop debris from entering into the pump motor holding chamber where the impeller spins. The water foliage the water pump on the discharge side or "pressure side" of the plumbing. The water is forced from the pump motor into the filtering. The filtration acts to take away grime and particles from the water. The clear water then results in the filtering and, in some cases, passes through a chlorinator and back to the pool. It can be best to chlorinate the water after it leaves the filtration so that less chlorine gets into the push and filtering that may be damaging to the products.

You will find three well-known varieties of filter systems. One is a yellow sand filtering. The beach sand accumulates and traps debris. To relieve the debris the beach sand filtering requires to be backwashed. Another filtering is a cartridge filtering. They have got a higher surface area area and are reduce in maintenance. One or 2 times per period a cartridge filtration requirements to be hosed off and cleaned out. The final sort of a filtering is a DE or diatomaceous world filtration. DE is a great powder that layers the grids of the filtering homes. DE filters are the best for capturing the tiniest of dirt. DE filter systems also require to be backwashed at times and the DE power needs to be replaced with each backwash.

Backwashing a filtration system is the simple procedure of jogging the filtration system in change and flushing the filtration of dirt. You realize it is time to backwash when the stress in the filtering increases over 20 psi. This means there is a lot of particles in the filtration system and water is fighting to go through the system. If backwashing does not job or strain raises rapidly it may be simply because the pool has a whole lot of debris or the filtration system requires to be personally washed.

Sometimes following your pump motor has been away from for a long period of time it can be difficult to reprime it. The reason being all the water has exhausted from the filtration and the plumbing. To facilitate priming, entirely shut the main empty control device. Fully open the skimmer valve. Place the filtering device in the flow situation. Then transform the system on. This can isolate the filtering from the circuit thus asking the pump only to perfect the plumbing. Inside of a short while you needs to have a whole and constant water stream by way of the pump motor. Once it has been established, quickly shut off the push. Move the filtering valve into the filtration position and reactivate the push. The prime will continue and fill the filtering. Never overlook to bleed the air from the filter when prime is set up.

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