An Overview of Scuba Diving  

by Pool Builders on 02-08-2011 in Articles

Individuals looking to include an ample dose of adventure to their vacation getaway often turn to scuba diving. It is both a relaxing activity as well as an exciting one. To start planning for a diving adventure, the training must be made in a swimming pool. Swimming is a prerequisite for any scuba diving activity - whether it is for recreational purposes or a professional activity. For individuals who have not learned to swim yet, there is hope. It does not require knowledge of specific swimming styles. All that it required is being able to be comfortable in an underwater environment, and that comes from swimming practice. Also, just in case things go wrong (which is extremely rare), a scuba diver should be able to assist in his rescue by swimming back towards the surface of the ocean.
People who already know how to swim do not require many lessons to begin scubadiving. They just need a few orientation sessions to become comfortable with scuba diving gear. There are several items that make up the scuba diving gear. Of course, the ensemble includes a mixture of oxygen and other gases compressed into cylindrical tanks, pipes to provide a conduit to the breathing mixture and a flow regulator, preferably allowing adjustable flow. However, scuba diving gear also includes special diving suits that provide protection from the highly saline sea water as well as the millions of bacteria living in it.
Scuba divers navigate their course using special purpose fins attached to their feet similar to shoes. Scuba divers also carry portable lighting equipment. Scuba divers who wish to explore the beauty of an underwater ecosystem typically love to carry a camera along during their dives. These special purpose cameras are designed to withstand the heavy pressure when diving at significant depth, allowing the diver to immortalize their scuba diving experience by capturing the beauty of the underwater world on film.
Scuba diving is increasingly becoming a sought-after profession. Multinational oil and gas exploration firms hire scuba divers for technical maintenance of underwater oil/gas pipelines. Similarly, broadband communication firms find scuba divers indispensable when they need to fix a joint in undersea telecommunication cables. Universities hire professional scuba divers to study the marine biology of deep oceans and how it is coping up with increased human activity in the deep seas. Finally, travel channels and documentary filmmakers hire professional scuba divers to shoot movies about ship wrecks, coral reefs, and shoals of endangered fish species.

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