Analysing the Benefits and Costs of Spa Pool Ownership

by Pool Builders on 12-20-2014 in Articles

Over the years, spa pools have become more and more affordable. They are no longer reserved for the estates of the rich and famous. However, this does not mean that you should take the decision of installing such a facility in your home lightly. You need to perform full cost-benefit analysis to make the right choice. Use some important information and advice which will help you with this.

What You Will Get

You can run the spa pool year round. You can enjoy relaxing massage in the warm water on cold days and evenings. When it is warm outside, kids can play in the pool. The facility is ideal for romantic evenings and for gatherings with friends.

There are many health benefits associated with using warm water massage on a regular basis. It helps to improve blood circulation. It works to provide physical and mental relief from stress. It helps to reduce pains and aches associated with injuries, traumas and various kinds of medical conditions.

The modern spa pools offer a wide variety of extra features and benefits. You can use essential oils to create a genuine spa treatment based on aromatherapy. If the unit is sufficiently large, you can perform various types of exercises in the water including strength training exercises. The strain on the joints is much lower while you get the same kind of workout effectiveness. You can opt for a model with larger capacity and special powerful jets for swimming.

What you Have to Invest

The main cost which you will have to pay is the price of the spa pool. You should check what is included in the package and what is not in order to do precise calculations. You can expect the unit to come with all plumbing. Often, a cover is included in the main package as well.

The delivery and installation cost have to be taken into consideration as well. They will depend on the size of the unit and on the complexity of the whole system. You may also incur additional costs for preparing the area where the unit will be set. You have to provide water supply and connectivity to the electrical grid of your house.

The cost of running the facility depends on how much power it uses to heat and pump the water and on its energy efficiency. In addition to the running cost, you have to add the expenses for maintenance which involve sanitizing chemicals, test kits and cleaning tools.

Finally, you should keep in mind that both the benefits and costs can vary considerably from one spa pool to another. That is why careful comparison is mandatory.

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