Animals in the Pool at Amazon Pattaya Condominium   

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

There is truth to the paradise concept of Amazon Pattaya Condominium or Amazon Paradise Jomtien. It may not exactly be the paradise concept that people sometimes equate to heaven and all its heavenly bodies, but the whole Amazon condominium can truly bring joy and delight to its future residents when the residents would see the lush landscape surrounding the whole area and the abundant flowing waters from the waterfalls and fountains strategically installed all over the swimming pool enclosing on all four buildings of the condominium.

Additional to the beautiful and abundant greenery are the attractive multi-colored animal statue fountains. These are not just for the kids to appreciate but for the adults as well. Among the animals are the sculpted piranha water fountains in the shades of yellow and orange. There are nine piranhas all in all designed to look like as if they have all jumped out of the waters and then jumped back into the waters again. The fountain waters spurt from the jaws of these fish sculptures making it seem like showering anyone who is right under their jaws.

Another animal highlight are the tropical parrots perched on the rock formations near the walking bridge that serves as the main access point to the sandy beach areas for the pool. These birds resemble the real Amazon parrots of the world. They are in colors of brilliant red, blue specked, sunny yellow and verdant green. Amazon Pattaya Condominium has exceptionally recreated the likeness of the said parrots in all their glory. Crocodile fountains can be found in the same pool side as well, but this time, the crocs are not on the waters but on the sandy beaches only. But as with the piranhas, jets of water come out from the jaws of these crocodiles. Now the residents can sunbathe right next to the crocodiles or better yet, sit on them and pose if they want their pictures taken.

Are there anything else in Amazon Paradise Jomtien other than the crocs, piranhas and parrots? Well yes, there are two more types of animal sculptured fountains in the condominium. One is the pink and delicately designed flamingoes and the other is the giant partial structure of a yellow python coming out from behind some plants. Both flamingoes and the python are in a grotto slightly hidden from the rest of the pool area. Nevertheless though, their structures stand out still because the colors they are painted with are surely eye catching. Complementing all these animal fountains and sculpture are sculpted waterfalls as well. And to add to the excitement, some of these waterfalls are actually Jacuzzis. These areas are made as shallow areas so the residents can loft and relax on them without the need to keep on floating or swimming.

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