Anne Cole - Stylish Swim Wear For the Modern Women

by Pool Builders on 08-24-2010 in Articles

Anne Cole is one of the renowned brands that design stylish swim wear for the modern women. The company was established in the year 1978 in St. John, US Virgin Islands.

Anne Cole is highly popular for its collection of stylish and colorful beach wears, which have attracted customers from all over the world. The elegantly designed swim suits will make you feel comfortable and more confident about your body. The beach attires from this brand let you flaunt in comfort and style. They are the best way to pamper your body and be always ready to hit the beach or the swimming pool.

The Maillot swim wears from the Anne Cole are the most popular collection from the brand. This collection is available in wide array of designs, sizes, textures and patterns. They look superbly hot and feminine. The Maillot swimsuits are classic one piece suits. You will love to have one for yourself.

The three popular seasonal collections from the Anne Cole are: the cruise collection, the summer collection and the early cruise collections. These fresh collections are released every year in different seasons.

The cruise collection is available from the month of November till the end of May, each year. This collection is the highest selling collection of the brand.

The summer collection comes up with vibrant and summer colors that look full of life. These attires are made of skin friendly materials so that it does not produce harmful skin rashes that are caused due to excess heat and sweating. These are available throughout the month of summer.

The early cruise collection is available from September onwards. This set of garments is popular for their attractive colors and classy look.

The best thing about Anne Cole brand is that they are made for the modern women. They look sexy and youthful, and the same time also has an elegant and classy appeal. The brand usually manufactures single piece swimsuits but if you find, you can also get a few bikinis for yourself.

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