Another of Those Reports - The LIM Report

by Pool Builders on 11-12-2012 in Articles

What's it for and what does it mean?
The "What does it mean" part is easy - it is Land Information Memorandum, the "What's it for" is a little more elaborate!

LIMs provide information on:
• special land features - characteristics including potential erosion, slippage or subsidence
• drainage and water service plans - private and public stormwater and sewerage drains
• financial obligations - any rates that may be owing in relation to the land
• consents and permits - information concerning building, plumbing/drainage, and resource planning consents (including notice, order or requisition affecting the land or any building)
• special conditions including NZ Historic Places Trust listings
• swimming pools and spa pools - any information which has been notified to the council by any statutory organisation in terms of any other Act
• network utility in relation to the Building Act 1991 or 2004
and much more depending on which district you are in.

The LIM report is very useful in helping you find out whether the plumbing, drainage, and the building has had everything finalised or approved and the resource consent issued. When these are approved it means the authority responsible has received all the information they require on them, the inspections have been completed, and finished product is approved.

LIM reports can do things like tell you if a property is in a "flood path" area - an area that is susceptible to water flowing through it within a 10, 50 or 100 year flood plain period of time. Properties within flood path areas with short time periods will have more specific requirements on what and how things are to be built.

They can tell you if the swimming pool included with the property has been inspected, and if it has received approval or not. Approval requires meeting the fencing requirements for swimming pools.

The concerns that arise when a LIM report is asked for as part of a Sale and Purchase Agreement, have more to do with what is not on the report, than what is. The home may not look like the plan that is part of the LIM report. There is a wall missing in the kitchen, or the bathroom has been changed, a carport is there but not on the plan, a room has been added but doesn't show on the plans! All these issues are not the fault of any council, but more of the owner, who has not submitted or applied for the changes to be made to the home or property.

One of the common issues is the non-approval of the building or provision of resource consent, which has arisen from the final inspection not being carried out. This may have been due to little things like miscommunication of dates and times, or not being able to access the property or the home.

Others have been where people have had a conservatory added to their flat on a cross-leased title. The person who did the work has shown the owner a permit, but the owner has not realised that a building on a cross-lease title needs to have the flats plan of all properties on the cross-lease corrected. The LIM report in this case will not show the addition, which then makes the current plan incorrect.

Correcting these issues will involve costs. Correct plans and drawings are required, surveying maybe required, whatever is necessary to have the structure correctly placed on the plans and the buildings plans to correctly represent the current home need to be completed.

And that is just a start...

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