Answering Some Of Your Questions About Babies And Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 12-19-2013 in Articles

Despite the fact that infant swimming lessons have now been around for quite a while, many people are still under the impression that swimming and babies simply do not go together. People are often scared that their infants will be unable to cope with large bodies of water, or don't understand the circumstances that are involved when it comes to teaching a baby how to swim. The truth is that baby swimming is becoming more and more popular around the world and various professionals are beginning to encourage parents to enrol their child into swimming lessons as early as possible. If you're still unsure whether or not infant swimming lessons are the right choice for your child, answering a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding babies and swimming could help to put your mind at ease

At What Age Can Babies Start Swimming?

Many experts recommend that you start teaching your baby how to swim between the ages of six and twelve months. From the age of six months old, you can start to teach your child how to hold their breath under the water, and when you enrol for classes will often depend on how you feel about your child's abilities and attitude to water. If you think that your baby seems comfortable and happy in water at six months of age and you think that they will enjoy some simple swimming lessons, then sign them up for a class.

Can I Provide Classes At Home, Or Do I Have To Go To A Public Pool?

It can be a great idea to make sure that you have a professional instructor on hand when you are teaching your baby how to swim for the first time, but with the help of a DVD you may be able to give your child some simple lessons at home in your bath-tub. Many people choose the alternative of teaching their baby to swim themselves as it can be a great deal cheaper than enrolling in professional classes, and you can find fantastic DVDs at very reasonable prices to help you with the task. The DVD should be able to help you when it comes to learning how to handle your baby properly in the water, but if you feel at all nervous about your abilities to teach your own child, then you may feel more comfortable taking them to a professional class.

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