Anti Slip Floorings for Safer and Better Living Spaces!  

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2013 in Articles

Floor is a permanent surface which can be of stone, wood, ceramic tiles, rubber and other material used for walking purpose and other day to day activities. The material used for constructing them depends of many factors, such as cost, endurance, insulation, comfort, level of maintenance required and another quality is slip resistance. These days the anti-skid properties are desired by many, so that any accidental trips and injuries are avoided. These anti-slip floorings are not only a barrier against any kind of accidents at home or at office, but also they give a special touch to the over-all ambience of the place. These are made of finest EPDM granules, rubber, stonex and other materials which can be porous or non- porous. You can avail them in variety of colours and it can be installed within 48 hours, which makes the task of installation very convenient.

These anti-skid turfs are growing in demand, for its anti-slip properties. These days most of the elderly people stay alone and the kids of working parents are also alone at home, which makes them a vulnerable section with high probability of having accidents. The areas surrounding the swimming pools, water parks, wet places in the industries like the oil and gas sector, food processing plants, any other slippery places etc need such anti-slip surfaces, which will ensure their safety and also look great. These anti-slip solutions are also used in public parks in the play zones, amusement parks, schools play areas etc. At home we may use these turfs in Kitchen's, Kids room, Bathrooms and Patio pathways which create a great ambience and barrier against any kind of accident. This will help you to stay relaxed about the security of your loved ones, even if you are not around.

The rubber turfs can be used for the pool areas and for stairs also. They come in various colours and can be easily installed. The Stonex type of floorings can be used for pool areas and for the gardens also. These anti-skid alternatives can also be seen in the golf courses, where the pathways are made of these. The anti-skid solution providers can get your work done within 48 hours after an initial assessment of the requirements and your specifications. They can even suggest other construction related tips for drainage, ground work, design etc. They can get the designs done with the assistance of CAD. You can also customize these floorings by asking them to add the logo and motifs which adds further value to the product. These anti-slip surface providers provide you floors which have been tested and certified by recognized testing agencies which certify that these alternatives have "low potential for slip". You can get the work done without much hassles and in a very short time. You just need to get in touch with them and they will take care of all the things with great efficiency without much supervision on your part. They have experienced technicians who are adept with their job and can handle any type of project with great ease and professionalism.

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