Aqua Fitness Routines: A Slam Dunk to Health  

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2011 in Articles

The beauty of exercise is that you can go with many different kinds of elements on the road to staying fit and healthy. When there are exercises you do on land like jogging, aerobics, zumba and so on- there are also exercises that you can do in water. For the most part, you'll probably get the workout of your life with aqua fitness routines. It doesn't matter if you do your exercises at a pool in your gym or at the pool in your backyard, the fact is- you're getting a good exercise.

One of the ways you can exercise on water is with having swimming pool basketball goals in your pool. You know the game and you know it well. Now, put this game in the water. If it's all easy breezy for you to run around the court passing the ball to your teammates, you'll get a good workout for your legs and your whole body when you have to deal with the pressure and the force of the water. You wouldn't necessarily swim with the ball to take it to the hoop, you'll be running. In water, that's a good thing.

You can go with simple aqua fitness routines and do wonders for your body. Without accessories, it's easy for you to do the stomping grapes move. Here, you just stand in the middle of the pool. Make sure that your knees are below the water's surface. Start to stomp your legs alternately. You'll be accomplishing a great exercise for your thighs and your buttocks. At the same time you're stomping grapes, you can also do upper body movements like spreading your arms in front of you and pushing each arm alternately to your hips. You can go to a deeper section of the pool for this.

Back to having swimming pool basketball goals, you'll get a special benefit when you play this game. This is in relation to your ability to keep yourself cool while you're playing. Even in the heat of the game when the competition is a stiff one point, you'll be able to push yourself more when you play in the water. There's no extra sweat from you and even if you're sweating it out, you wouldn't feel it so much because the water is helping you cool down. Working out in the pool is a slam dunk for fun as well as health.

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