Aqua Fun in the Sun - Water Sports and Aqua Fitness Exercises!  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2011 in Articles

A fun time in every year is when we can just unwind and hang out with family and friends - no, not Christmas- Summer! Get your swimming trunks or your bikinis on and hit the beaches because that's where everyone is going to be! Sadly, not all of us could ever be near a beach but we can join our friends in the swimming pool playing swimming pool basketball or if we wish, we could indulge ourselves in doing aqua fitness exercises that can help us look great for the summer fun.
Men would want to walk around shirtless on beaches or by the poolside looking good while women will want to tone their bodies up to have those curves and shape finally come out for the summer holiday. Everyone wants to look great and feel great as they have fun in the cool blue.
Aqua fitness exercises are a special category of workouts where the body must always be partially submerged in water if not fully to develop the body as a whole with properly defined muscles and well-developed body parts. The hybrid effect of this innovative workout is that it puts the human body in a place where the atmosphere and surroundings are always against it in weight and force. Meaning you must move using more effort and energy just to do something as simple as lifting your arm up. This resistance creates a very strong body because the body learns to get used to this strength it needs in order to move. This means that on land, the limb moves faster, much sharper in accuracy and definitely with more strength and power.
Playing water sports helps with the fun factor of things because let's face it, not all of us like to work out or give time to do these hard exercises. A good sport to start with in terms of aquatic fitness would be freestyle swimming. The whole process of swimming is a work out in itself since it requires the whole body to perform the action of pushing the water behind the body as it cruises through the water surface.
A strong knowledge of floating and wading will be essential to freestyle swimming but there are other fun games you can learn to have fun in the water. Swimming pool basketball, swimming pool volleyball and water polo, body boarding, surfing and other sports are also fun-filled activities you can try out for water sports as the water is always a great place to play in and feel the coolness of the waves.

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