Aqua Pool Filters-Offering Reliable Pool Performance  

by Pool Builders on 09-22-2013 in Articles

Whether you owe a swimming pool or a spa, the water in it needs to be cleaned up regularly so as to prevent it from getting cloudy and contaminated. Since, the pool water is susceptible to all sorts of contaminants such as dirt, debris and micro-organisms, it is essential to install superior quality filter from reputed brands such as Hayward, Pentair, or Aqua to ensure clean and clear pool water.

Pool filters from Aqua especially cartridge filters feature Grime Guard Filtration Fabric which sturdily traps dirt and grime to provide crystal clear pool and spa water. Now, you can use oil based products such as sun-tan lotions etc. without worrying about replacing your cartridge more often. Filters of this brand are designed using the most-recent technology that allows them to provide better pool performance.

Aqua Pool filters are enabled with anti-microbial protection that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, which in turn prevents bad odour. Besides this, the filtering elements of these filters are made up of superior quality polyester that efficiently traps large as well as small particles. These filters also have premium core which allows optimal flow of water thereby reducing undue pressure on the pump. This improves the longevity as well as performance of the pump as well as filter.

Aqua Cartridge Filters are essential for proper upkeep and maintenance swimming pool, spa and family water supply. Contaminants and debris get collected in the fine fibres of the cartridge element pleats. The cartridge filtering elements could be easily removed from the filter tank for regular cleaning eliminating the need for backwashing of the filter. These filters are compact, lightweight and manufactured using high grade 100% polyester material spun bound Reemay plastic for long life and UV stability.

These pool filters are suitable for all types of pools, spa's, fresh or salt water. Their unique features include easy access to filtering element through a heavy duty lock ring, auto pressure release that prevents pump damage and clogging of filters. Besides this, the need for manual bleeding is completely eliminated in these filters due to the presence of auto air bleed that allows removal of trapped air inside the filter eliminating.

Although Aqua filters offer optimum level of performance, but after a certain period of time filters require replacement. Cartridge pool filters of this brand can be easily replaced with their compatible counterparts when the original filter shows signs of rupture.

So, go ahead and install Aqua pool filters and give your pool or spa a fresh look.

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