Aquabot Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2010 in Articles

In terms of pool cleaning tools that you can use for your swimming pool, there are a lot of them flooding the pool industry and the chance of grabbing or having one that is made of high-quality yet you can surely afford is already in your hands.

One of the top-class and most common pool cleaner used by many pool owners for quite some time now is the Aquabot Standard Cleaner. Being fully computer-controlled, it is so easy to use and maneuver, giving it an outright edge over other automated pool cleaners which need human intervention in its operation. An Aquabot Standard Cleaner is considered at par with a professional pool cleaner when it comes to maintenance quality. Because is easy to maneuver, it can reach into almost all corners of the swimming pool. Its innovative suction nozzles can effectively clean filters and scrubs while vacuuming pool bottoms, sidewalls, and waterlines making it a highly effective pool cleaner for all pool surfaces.

Acquiring an Aquabot Standard Cleaner means the pool owner has given himself a real topnotcher product. Besides being very effective, it is also an energy-efficient device since it has its own electric transformer which regulates electric consumption and reducing it to a minimal 24 volts. This is one big advantage especially for pool owners who want to clean their pools regularly at the least cost.

With a pool cleaners like Aquabot Standard Cleaner, you get a most efficient least cost device for your pool.

Availing of this wonderful offer online from entitles the buyer to a whopping ten percent discount or a $ 133.80 off from its regular selling price of $ 1,335.68. What more each purchase carries a full 1 year warranty.

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