Aquarite Salt Cells Are Useful In Pool Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2012 in Articles

Having a pool at home means it needs regular cleaning to stay in good shape. However, pool cleaners are obtainable in various types in the market ensuring effective pool maintenance. The technology advancement and newer equipments make cleaning of the pool easier. The popular devices used are the salt chlorinators and one of the popular devices is the Aquarite salt cell.

The salt chlorinator turns the normal salt by converting into sodium hypo chloride. This sanitizer produces pH on regular basis and keeps the pool pH balance perfect. The device is set in the filter and pump area and when the pool is runner, the water gets transferred through an inline cell. The pool water gets converted and the chlorine return to the pool and the process is repeated again. The device regulates time and pool sanitizer output.

Hayward Goldline replacement turbo cell is one of the best for pools. Aqua Rite chlorine generators are referred to as salt chlorinators and are the largest selling systems. They automatically generate pure chlorine every day. Aqua Rite generators are enough for 40,000 gallons of residential pools. They are NSF certified and are appropriate for public and commercial pools.

Hayward Goldline replacement turbo cell offers Turbo cells for controls solutions and salt chlorination. It comes in three sizes 15,000, 25,000 and 40,000 gallons. These sizes are most efficient and the chlorination is possible in the most cost-effective manner. These cells automatically produce renewing supply of pure, fresh chlorine such that it keeps the water clear, clean and luxuriously soft. The aquarite salt cells are of immense use in pool maintenance owing to its best features:

€ Simple operation by the homeowner
€ Quality water attainable
€ Crystal clear water readily available for swimming throughout the year
€ Soft silky feel, no dry skin or red eyes
€ Chlorine output adjusting
€ Super chlorinate function
€ Maximum efficiency of Turbo cell and flow rates
€ Automated functions
€ Weatherproof, quick connections
€ Digital salt display with 8 indicators
€ Cell cleaning automatically done periodically by reversing polarity
€ Weatherproof locking enclosure
€ NSF certified

Maintaining is recommended so that you enjoy maximum performance and so inspecting the cell every 3 months and cleaning of filter is mandatory. The inspect cell will flash after 500 hours of operation reminding of cleaning. AquaRite cells have self cleaning feature and this keeps the cell in best efficiency. Checking the cell for deposits is mandatory so that cleaning is done and the cell functions perfectly.

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