Aquatic Fitness System: The Spike of your Life  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2011 in Articles

Set, Mine! Mine! Spike! The thrill of volleyball is an ecstasy that one can only feel when playing. From the moment the ball flies into the air to the time it's spiked out of your hand and smashed on enemy territory, a delight that one can only describe in competitive-bliss. But volleyball in itself is a sport that is limited to the setting of land - or is it?
Water sports are one of the fastest growing games in the fitness world for multiple reasons. From the enhanced muscular toning while doing them to the stamina increase one gain from it, volleyball has a new arena - you got it, water! Now when planning out your aquatic fitness system or program as most call it, it's always wise to know which sport you believe you'd most excel in - from water basketball to handball, from water volleyball to water polo. All these sports are sure to increase your health tremendously and the best part of it all is that they're all fun!
Now when it comes to volleyball, swimming pool volleyball sets an entirely new environment to the sport. And given the new terrain, you're bound to feel the changes in the best way possible. The rules are relatively the same, except the fact that now it would be harder to do those flying spikes and palm-saves. But you don't have to fret, you're still going to enjoy everything about the game you once did - and more!
Aquatic fitness system is quite easy to plan out. You simply have to find out which sport you feel your potential can shine most and simply plan out how many times you'd wish to play the game. Some chose to play it every day to tone their body quicker and others simply do it for fun - which still promises significant changes. The program should always be well balanced with their time schedule.
Another tip could be finding out which equipment you'd like to purchase before trying the sport out. No harm in being prepared, boy scouts honor - this should give you some time to prepare yourself for the actual gaming experience and enjoy it with its full potential.
So if volleyball is where you feel you can excel most, then be prepared because swimming pool volleyball sets your sport in an environment where only the strongest may survive! Go out there and show them how it's done!

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