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BluePrint Ceramics Limited provide a full comprehensive Architectural tile service to the A & D community, our service starts from the early design stage right through to delivering the specified tiles to site.

Our key focus is on supplying high quality ceramic & porcelain Architectural Tiles, systems and accessories to architects, contractors, tile end users and designers, as well as assisting with in-depth technical tile advice when required. The wide variety of BluePrint's Architectural Tiles product ranges are taken from carefully selected, European factories who meet the high quality and standards that BluePrint set.

Over the years BluePrint Ceramics have strived to offer all its clients an efficient and comprehensive service. This involves listening to our clients regarding their-tiling requirements, whether it is Architects, Designers, Contractor or end users, and sourcing the correct tiling materials for that particular application, taking into account design style, technical ability and costs. We also offer samples and sample boards, M40 specification services, bills of quantities, site visits and all other aspects of works until completion of the entire tiling project to ensure client satisfaction. All of this is a complimentary service.

The core strength of BluePrint Ceramics has been built supplying ceramic and porcelain Architectural tiles to the Retail sectors, we are continually building upon solid foundations within other tiling sectors of the Architectural Industry.

These sectors include Hotels, Airports, Cinema's, car show rooms, domestic projects and many more.

Swimming Pool Tiles

There are many tiles suitable for use in swimming pools most of which will not be classed as pool tiles but will still be suitable. The key requirement in a pool environment is a low water absorption rate of less than 3%. This means that all porcelain and crystal glass materials are suitable for pool applications in conjunction with our fixing guidelines.

For leisure and competition pools we have a specific range of pool tiles and complimentary fittings available. Our range of tiles are pressed glazed porcelain and offer much greater accuracy of size and strength of body when compared to extruded swimming pool tiles.

Available in a selection of colours, 2 finishes. There is also an extensive selection of pool fittings available for pool edges including finger grips. The tiles in this range are available in a 250x125mm except where stated.

The guidelines for pool tiles on the base of the pool are as follows. Water depths from 1mm to 450mm should achieve a slip resistance with a minimum of a €B€ classification Wet ramp test. Water depths from 450mm to 850mm as above or a gritted pool tile. Water depths over 850mm any porcelain, porcelain mosaic, gloss tile or crystal glass mosaic.

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