Are Chlorine 3 Tabs The Best Pool Sanitizers?  

by Pool Builders on 06-12-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools need regular maintenance to help keep them available for usage. These maintenance activities, such as the use of chlorine 3, will not only delay the need for repair but also help lengthen its life span. You can do a lot of small maintenance activities that will maintain your pools cleanliness and therefore keep you and others safe from contamination.

To ensure that your pool is well-maintained, you can do the following list of daily activities that you can do:

Chlorinate your pool with chlorine 3 tablets

Adding chlorine to your pool daily will ensure the sanitation of the pool. Bacteria cannot thrive in chlorinated water. You can also use bromine as a substitute. Check the water's pH levels. - You should always maintain the pH and alkaline levels of the pool to keep it from irritating your skin and to keep the water clear.

Clean the pool's skimmer

The pool's skimmer should be cleaned daily to allow the water to circulate around the pool and to keep it fresh. Aside from the above activities that you can perform daily, you can do also other things. These do not need to be done daily but on a weekly or monthly basis, which could also help prolong the usability of your pool.

Shock your pool using chlorine 3 tabs

You "shock" your pool by putting a high concentration of chlorine 3 in the pool water in a short of time. The high chlorine levels will effectively kill organisms such as algae, mold, and bacteria in your pool. This should be done at least once every week or depending on the number of times that it is used. You can also add some algaecide to destroy any possible bacteria that may have survived the shocking process.

Add some anti-metals and clarifiers

You also have to add other chemicals in your pool every week, such as anti-metals and clarifying agents. Metal outs are used to remove bits and small particles of metals that were able to pass through the pool filtration system. Clarifiers are used in making your pool water clear and without cloudiness. It also removes smaller particles that pool filters may not catch. Clarifiers also make these particles to stick together so that they are caught in the filter system.

There are a lot of cleaning that you would still need to do in order to keep your pool clean regularly. Some of them are skimming the surface for leaves, draining and scrubbing the pool walls and floors, and vacuuming the pool. You will also need to check the pools accessories such as railings and bolts if they are still tightly held in place. That will also include checking the diving board and step rails. But the most important thing that you should do, is to put chlorine 3 in your pool every single day.

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