Are Pool Filter Cartridges Your Best Option?

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

If your plans next summer include putting in a new backyard swimming pool or if you already own a pool but were less than satisfied with the cleanliness of the water this season, now is the time to research your filter options so that your pool will be problem-free when your family's ready for that first dip. There are three options for filters: Pool filter cartridges, sand filters and DE filters; which one's right for you?

Pool Filter Cartridges

This is by far the easiest, most trouble-free option out there. Extensive folds of paper act as the filtering media, and today's models feature much more square footage of paper than their predecessors, making them extremely efficient and low-care. Most owners can simply install their cartridge at the beginning of the season, and then only hose it down a few times a year to keep it operating efficiently. Because they are so popular, many online pool supply manufacturers can offer some great deals too.

Sand Filters

This type of filter system uses sand as the filtering medium and requires very little upkeep. However when the water from your pool is circulated through the diffuser into the filtering tank, the sand acts only as a relatively inefficient and incomplete filtering medium since it is only able to capture particulates, dirt and debris measuring 40 microns in size or larger.

DE Filters

Water from the pool is pumped through a plastic grid covered with a filter powder made from Diomataceous Earth (hence the name: DE). The tiny particulates act like sponges and trap materials inside its nooks and crannies extremely efficiently.

The type of filter you choose depends on how much upkeep you're willing to do during the swimming season along with your filtering efficiency level preferences. Most owners opt for the combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness afforded by pool filter cartridges.

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