Are Swimming Pool Solar Heaters a Good Choice For You?

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2010 in Articles

Non-renewable resources are limited and everyone is recommending the use of renewable resources more in order to save the energy and the environment. Solar power is readily available and solar powered products are great buys for everyone. These solar powered products may be slightly expensive in the beginning, but they provide long term benefits by saving money on your electric bills every month. Swimming pool solar heaters can be installed in commercial buildings and homes to reduce fuel costs. Everyone wants a well heated pool and it can be achieved with the use of solar pool heaters.

How Do They Work?

Swimming pool solar heaters come with solar collector, filter, pump and flow control valve. Water from the pool is pumped through filters and it passes through solar collectors. It is at this point that water is heated using energy captured from sun by the solar panels. After heating up water flowing through the pool, water is returned to the pool. In hot climatic conditions, the collectors can be used to cool the water when water is circulated through the collector at night. Valves control the direction of water flow to maintain optimal temperature. These valves can be controlled either automatically or manually.

It is not necessary to change your existing pool system to take advantage of solar pool heaters. You can install solar heating system without changing infrastructure or flow pipes. Once installed, acclimatized pool can be operated without spending for fuel. This system can be used for both above the ground and in ground swimming pools.

Types Of Solar Pool Heaters

Two types of swimming pool solar heaters are common - glazed heaters and unglazed heaters. Unglazed heaters are suitable if you are more concerned about heating the pool during freezing temperatures. They are made of heavy duty plastic or rubber that extends panels life. Unglazed heaters are more suitable for use in indoor swimming pools in cold climates.

Glazed heaters on the other hand have sophisticated glass covering that can effectively capture solar heat during all climates. If you want to acclimatize your pool for the whole year, glazed heaters are the ideal choice. These heaters use copper tubing with aluminum plate and iron tempered glass. The same heater can be modified to heat domestic water so that you can have solar water heater with a single investment.

Are Solar Pool Heaters Suitable For You?

Swimming pool solar heaters cost anywhere from $3000 to $4000 depending on the system you choose. The payback period of these systems vary between 1.5 years to 7 years. The actual payback time depends on the cost of fuels in your region. After installation, solar pool heaters do not require maintenance. They can be used for about 10-20 years without any modification. When long term benefits are considered, solar pool heaters are certainly cost effective when compared to gas and heat pump pool heaters. However, you should consult an experienced solar contractor and plumber to choose the type of solar powered pool heater for your home.

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