Are Vinyl Pool Liners the Best for My Pool?

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2012 in Articles

If you take a look at the statistics, you would find out that there are millions of swimming pools all over the United States. Of these most of them are the ones that are the above ground type.

Of these many swimming pools, most of them use Vinyl lining over the many other options. There are plenty of reasons as to why Vinyl is one of the best options - affordability, durability and convenience being the most notable.

Why choose vinyl liners?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people opt for vinyl pool liners, let's just take a look at a few of the many advantages of these pool liners:

They're economically priced

Even though they may be a bit pricy, they would last you for over a decade and hence the overall costs would be much less than the other kinds of liners. Moreover, if at all there are any problems, they are really easy to repair as there are different kinds of underwater glue that you could use.

Really comfortable

Since they aren't all that rigid, you won't feel like you're getting trapped in it. Therefore, the overall comfort level experienced when you use these liners is really good. Also, they have a really soft structure and hence would be able to hold the water really well.

There are times when kids get injured due to corners on the pools, but these liners aren't sharp or hard - hence there are fewer injuries on the whole.

Fits well on all pools

Unlike various other liners, vinyl liners are really flexible and hence they can take the shape of any pool; be it rectangular, oval, kidney shaped or round. The other liners would be really difficult to place in such cases s they are usually hard.

Various colours

People are always looking for ways to beautify their pools and they do anything to make it happen. There are plenty of different kinds of colourful pool liners available. However, these are usually just placed for their colour over the actual liner. But, when it comes to vinyl liners you would be able to buy colourful liners and place them directly onto the floor of your pool - that's really amazing!

Easy maintenance

Cleaning the pool would be really easy. All you need is a bit of washing with normal soap and nothing harsh and if you want to make it look new again, all you need to do is vacuum it a bit. There are plenty of organic cleansers that you could use to get rid of any kind of stain and also get rid of microorganisms at the same time.

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