Are You Floating Along or Diving Deep to Swim Toward Your Goals?

by Pool Builders on 09-02-2011 in Articles

My office is next door to a huge outdoor water park/swimming pool. All summer long kids and their inner tubes climb great heights to slide through the tunnels, splashing into the pool far below. As they descend you can see their eyes wide with apprehension overpowered by excitement.

Everyone I know has some childhood experience in a body of water. Experiences with water or swimming are metaphoric of the different ways you approach shifts, changes or the new in your life.

When I was young, everyone took swimming lessons. My first experience was terrifying- and thrilling-mainly terrifying! I was a tiny 7 year-old and lessons were in a GIGANTIC Navy pool so deep my toes did not toes the ground. Not only was the pool enormous and deep, but it had three massive diving boards at graduated heights high above the pool. Muscular Navy service men practiced their dives and flips continuously off the board while we attempted to tentatively paddle about, clinging to the side rail unable to hear our teacher above all the cacophony of voices and splashing bouncing off the high ceilings.

I think it's fair to say I came away with an excitement-apprehension relationship about large bodies of water.

Riding the edge of excitement-apprehension is what you feel when confronted with something new, a shift or change in your life. It might be learning something for the first time, expanding into a new aspect of your self, or stepping out into the world with greater presence-giving, offering more of you. It might be a new relationship, a new job, developing your leadership skills or creating a new business.

You have choices about how you approach any shift:

Change. It's constantly happening and it's inevitable. It's like being on the edge of a precipice or a diving board. You can hold your breath or breathe in and breathe out. Are you going to contract or expand? Are you going to fully leap into the newness or are you going to shrink tense up and stumble back to what is safe and familiar?

No matter what your first excitement, fight or flight response, if you count to 19 and breathe, you can decide how you want to proceed. Here are three options:

1. Are You Sitting On the Shore?

You approach shifts in your life merely as CHANGE. It feels inevitable and you give in, settle or succumb to it. In this scenario it's as though you watch life go by; participating only in what is familiar or comfortable. You may sleep through it, twiddle your thumbs or observe life happening to others. If you are sitting on the shore, you may notice feelings of envy or jealousy as you watch other's participating more fully. You may feel like a victim of your circumstances or blame others for the fact that you are not out there splashing around in life.

Sitters-On-The-Shore need step-by-step guidance and support to learn new ways to move from reacting to circumstances in life to dreaming and designing the life you want.

2. Do You Float Along and Let the Current Take You Wherever It May?

You respond to shifts in your life as a series of TRANSITIONS.
Floaters typically think there life is "Okay," but not "Great!" Floaters are shy about their talents. They deny being smart or creative. They are often so anti-arrogant they go too far into humility washing out there uniqueness into blandness. They go along with the crowd, often hiding their unique unconventionality.

If you are a Floater, you participate and adjust to shifts in your life, but again, you go along. You know and accept that a continuous series of transitions in life will take you into new places, jobs or relationships, but you make only necessary adjustments to be as comfortable as you can be-rather than proactively owning or creating the full outcome you might desire.

Floaters need support and guidance to make a mind-set shift-to embrace both your talents and uniqueness and also proactively embrace whatever transition you are going through-clarify the outcome you'd like to create. You need to surround yourself with people who are Deep Divers so you participate in their swimming lessons. They will help you move from floating, into action. It's a new way of thinking AND responding that is oh-so-doable!

3. Do You Swim, Dive Deeply, Embrace and Proactively Play In The Current of Life?

You want FULL-OUT TRANSFORMATION! You want to become all you can become in this lifetime. It's not that you aren't sometimes fearful, cautious or apprehensive, but you let yourself feel all your fear and excitement and you either dive in or you create a support system-like an Olympic training team-to coach you toward your personal and professional best. You accept that no one reaches their goals by going alone.

Deep Divers are continuously learning, seeking and in touch with their wants, needs, desires and goals. They know they have more to offer the world and they want to give in a big way. They embrace change and re-evaluate their priorities at every stage.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Self and Your Life?
If you want to take charge and create the personal and professional life of your dreams, if you want to dive deeply:

Get Clear
Get Committed
Get Connected

• With your self
• With your wants, visions and goals
• With others who can help take you there

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