Are You Going to Install Glass Tiles? Wait! 3 New Trends Are There  

by Pool Builders on 12-17-2012 in Articles

Tiles increase beauty and glamor to the room. It is known that high glossy tiles are more prone to scratches, so, the beauty of the glossy needs to be taken care of. Glossy floor requires daily mopping after cleaning the dirt.

The improved standard of living has also created a perfect sense and eagerness of home renovation among people today. They are paying more and more attention towards the furnishing of their home by using the latest techniques and methods. The one thing that has hit the nail at the time when iron is hot is tile. Tiles are becoming very popular and the one name when it comes either construction of a new home or revamping of the existence of one.

Tiles are a pieces made up of hard substances like ceramics, stones, glass which gives a different look to the house and used generally to cover roof, floor and walls. Tiles have been used since centuries to create an intricate look for floors and walls.

Tiles are one of the best ways to adorn and highlight a particular room, wall, kitchen or bathroom. It helps to make them eye-appealing. There are diverse kinds of tiles used for different purposes. Decorative tile patterns can break up the monotony of a room by bringing a pleasure to the eyes.

These tiles add a charm to the beauty of interior decoration. Used basically as floor tiles, kitchen tile, bathroom tiles, and now also in swimming pools. These tiles opens reckons a number of doors before a person to change the entire look of the office or dwelling. Shiny and rich look of tiles gives perfection as well as an eye appealing appearance.

Most of the people today are also adopting wall tiles for exterior side of the house. It doesn't only provide a shimmering beauty but relives the owner from painting the house after a certain period of time. These chic tiles are available in plethora of designs, shapes, sizes, and different for different purposes.

It instantly attracts guests and gives a moisture free environment. Unlike Glass Tile are very strong and have a long life span. These tiles are usually used in swimming pools and backyard decoration. It needs a perfectionist to install these tiles. If you too are thinking to go with this way then just have a look at the three latest trends:

Simple Glass Tiles With New Style

These tiles are coming with many new styles that are durable and moisture & stain resistant. Additionally these upcoming tiles are easy to clean and simple to install. It doesn't pinch your pocket also. One name that has recently come to the market is jelly bean glass. It looks exactly its name signifies means like jelly beans.

Glass and Stone Style

To give an elegant style to the place a blend of glass and stone tile is in vogue. These are enough for the complete makeover of your room, kitchen or swimming pool. It also gives a expensive and eye-catchy look.

Subway Tiles

A new innovation in old style can be seen in the subway tiles which are in market since 1930. This tile can also be added with other tiles like mosaic and other to give a different, unique look. These are also good to be used in swimming pools. So, don't spend your money to take advices from the decorators. Renovate your place with aforementioned chic and affordable tiles.

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