Are You Sure You Want A Pool In Your Home?

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2011 in Articles

A pool has a good and bad side to it. As we all know, the good sides or the benefits of a swimming pool are the following:

- It brings added beauty to one's property. It is also a great way to add in a nature's feel to your living environment.

- It serves as a great recreational piece for the whole family, and at times the entire neighborhood. Laughs. You won't have any problem keeping your kids and partner home with this sweet number.

- You can truly hone up your swimming skills by having a swimming pool on your backyard.

- It is a great place to exercise. Research shows that swimming is a sure-fire way to lose those extra pounds. 25-50% of a person's body weight can vanish by just simply going for a dip. As it turns out, swimming is actually a very fast way to shed those extra calories.

- A pool can add superfluous financial value to your estate. This is great if you are planning to sell your property in the future. You can increase your proceeds and overall selling capacity by adding a pool to your home. Besides earning extra points for your targeted buyers, a pool is also a grand point to back you up for bank loans.

So we have the positive covered. It is the time to visit the flip side of swimming pools - the negative side. The consequences of having a swimming pool are as follows:

- As we all know, a pool can be awfully expensive. How expensive? We are talking about $ 20,000 - $ 50,000 worth of investment. Yup, it is somehow a downer for a person that doesn't really have big money.

- The contractor's professional fee is not included in the overall pool construction budget.

- The contractor's professional fee and the overall pool construction budget do not include the workers' salary.

- Aside from the pool being such an excruciating investment, the construction would take 2-3 months of labor work. Yes, it takes a long time to build from the ground up. Talk about pressure huh?

- Your pool should always be clean and sparkly. Pool maintenance is the only key for your pool to stay hygienic and safe for you and your family. Such maintenance is not cheap either. We are talking of bottles and packets of chemicals each month. And that doesn't include the filter system.

- Ignorance when it comes to pool maintenance is beyond doubt unacceptable. You can never ever let your pool go. This will result into a more pricy set of pool retrieval actions.

Indeed, a swimming pool has a good and bad side. Weigh your options carefully. Are you certain that you want a pool in your home?

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