Are You Thinking Of Taking Your Baby Swimming But Worried About The Safety Hazards? We Tell You How To Stay Safe In The Pool With Your Little One!  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2013 in Articles

Most parents are really keen to give their babies as many new experiences as possible from an early age. Swimming is a great thing to do with your baby but how do you stay safe while you do it? There are plenty of places that offer baby swimming lessons and the instructors will be able to tell you how to keep your baby safe while you're in the pool together. Here are some of the main safety tips you'll need to know:-

Keep Them Warm

It's really important that you keep your baby warm, both before you go in and after you get out. Pack plenty of layers with you and make sure you have a nice warm towel. They'll need extra warmth when they get out as their little bodies will be struggling to stay warm while they are still wet, so consider taking some hot milk for them to drink when they are out too.

Stay Alert

Babies and toddlers are unable to sense danger so you have to be their eyes and their ears. Stay on the ball and spot any potential hazards early so that you can be ready to act quickly should anything go wrong.

Take No Chances

Babies can drown in the tiniest bit of water so don't even think of letting them crawl in a toddler pool. You must have hold of them at all times. When you are carrying them into and out of the pool take extra care not to slip on the ground. Ask a lifeguard to pass your baby in to you once you are in the pool if it makes it easier - they will be happy to help.

On The Subject Of Lifeguards...

It is a good idea to only swim with your baby if there is a trained lifeguard around. It will also help if you have a basic knowledge of first aid and CPR should anything go wrong.

Don't Stay In Too Long

Half an hour to an hour is plenty of time for your baby to be in the water. After a while they may start to get restless so follow their lead and take them out if they are ready. If the water is particularly cold they might not even last that long. Make sure you whisk them out straight into a nice warm towel and let them dry off completely before getting them back into their clothes.

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