As Spring Approaches, It's Time to Pay Attention to Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2009 in Articles

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard swimming pool, or are even thinking of installing one this summer, there are several aspects of pool ownership that you must consider. Everything from cleaning to safety and in between. It's not just "buy and install it" anymore. This is a serious commitment, like owning a dog. You can't leave it unattended for too long or you won't be able to use it.

This article will focus on three things: pool covers, pool heaters and swimming pool fence. All are important. If you don't know enough about these things then please keep reading.

For safety, which is the most important part of owning a pool, then pool covers and a good fence are very helpful. The fence will keep small children from getting into the pool unattended, and certainly help to keep out unwanted neighbors and larger animals. In some areas it's required specifically for safety reasons, other places don't require it but it is a good idea. There are certain aesthetic benefits as well. A nice looking fence makes your pool area look very posh and adds to the elusiveness of the area. Privacy and security are wonderful things.

Pool covers can protect the water from leaves and debris, also from small animals and some reptiles. Only a hard cover will keep a child protected who stumbles into the area on their own. People who have soft covers that rise up and down with the water movement would only make the problem worse from a potential drowning aspect as the child could get caught in the cover and not be able to get out. But the covers themselves are valuable for keeping the pool clean and debris free.

Pool heaters will give you extended use of your pool during the cooler months. You can even be economical and eco friendly about it and get one of the solar pool heaters. They work to warm the water in the pool without too much electrical energy being used. Hayward is one of the better known brands of pool heaters, although you can speak with your local pool rep to see which they prefer.

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