Assessing Your Requirement With regards to Above Ground Pool Automatic Cleaners  

by Pool Builders on 08-19-2008 in Articles

Not all pools are the same and the same goes for the cleaning requirements for each pool. Above ground pools are fundamentally different in several ways from standard built in pools and this also greatly effects the cleaning requirements for each type of pool.

A Litany of Variable to Consider

If you are looking at acquiring an automatic pool cleaner for your pool there are a litany of variables that have to be taken into consideration. How big is your pool? What type of pool is it? Does your landscaping shed heavily each season? How much use will it get during the swimming season?

No Scrub Brushes Required

Above ground pool automatic cleaners generally do not come with scrub brushes for one big reason and that is that vinyl liners do not have to be scrubbed in the same way that the cement sides of a pool do. This puts you in a whole different ball park when looking at automatic pool cleaners in general.

$100 or Less

That is that you most likely ' be needing an expensive electrical powered mechanical automatic pool cleaner. This is why above ground automatic pool cleaners in general tend to be a whole lot less expensive. In fact, the truth is that if you have a smaller pool that will be seeing minimal, use you probably can get by with an above ground automatic pool cleaner that costs as little as $100 or less.

Complete Above Ground Pool Kits

Still one more option that is available to a prospective above ground pool owner, is to purchase a complete pool kit that comes with everything that you will need. Not only will the overall cost of everything that you receive in your kit be less than if you purchased them individually, but the above ground automatic pool cleaner will be the correct size and type for your pool.

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