Atlantis - An International Vacation Resort in the Bahamas for the Dolphin Lovers!  

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2013 in Articles

The Bahamas make up for some amazing dolphin gazing destinations in the world. It is not just restricted to stare at the jumping dolphins from far. However, at the Atlantis resort, you can have a personal swim with them.

The Bahamas is a country that comprises of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. A destination famous for family holidays and honeymoons, this place makes up for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visiting the Bahamas for a holiday trip is a dream comes true for many. The cozy surroundings combined with a soothing atmosphere enhance the tourism at this place. Tourists, especially the dolphin lovers can have their dose of adventure and fun in the Bahamas with the vast ocean offering a getaway into the world of freely swimming dolphins. To enjoy a wonderful swim alongside these human-friendly creatures, you are welcome to the fascinating country.

Atlantis, an international vacation resort located on the paradise island in the Bahamas can be your gateway to the mesmerizing underwater world. It is a one of its kind holiday resort that offers the guests to make the most of their vacations with the wonderful facilities and services they provide with. The entire paradise island is scattered with a large variety of options to stay at. With suites and rooms of different sizes, you will have a wide range to choose from depending on your budget. The ultra luxurious accommodation across this island meets all your needs concerned with a comfortable stay.

Other than the common facilities like access to the swimming pool, fitness centre, play area, restaurants, and lounges, Atlantis takes you into the modern world of gaming. With a magnificent in-built casino, one cannot complain of nothing exciting being made available to the guests. Coming to the main purpose of visiting the Bahamas, the Dolphin Cay, which is one of the best facilities this international vacation resort has to offer, you can experience a one to one encounter with the dolphins. The Dolphin Cay is a breathtaking environment stretched out on 14 acres of space containing almost 7 million gallons of crystal clear sea water. Being the largest and most unique marine habitat, this water body is a house to the charming dolphins, sea lions, and other fishes.

The thrill will build up when you step into this water and swim across on your trail and meet to the wonderful underwater creatures. A day trainer can be made available for you to have a closer look into the sea. Interacting with the captivating dolphins and getting close to touch them for the first time can be an experience that will become a lovely memory. You can kiss these bottlenose fishes or simply plant a hug around their smooth body, when they come near you in the shallow waters of the Dolphin Cay. People looking out for some adventure can go snorkeling with the dolphins deep inside the water body. The Atlantis holiday resort will provide you with your own scooters that will help you swim with the dolphins. The guests can also opt to attend the dolphin training sessions.

These enchanting creatures are surely going to make you fall in love with them, thereby making your Bahamian holidays a success!

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