Attract More Guests By Offering Satellite TV.  

by Pool Builders on 04-08-2010 in Articles

Hotels quit being just places to sleep a long time ago. Their main purpose remains providing a comfortable bed for travelers, but it takes a lot more than that to make a hotel good these days. For a hotel to be somewhere that people will return to and recommend to friends, it has to have amenities that go beyond what's normally expected.

Large resorts and Vegas mega-hotels offer their guests a multitude of entertainment options and amenities. In these instances, the hotel is oftentimes the destination rather than just a place to stay while on vacation. In the case of most other hotels, they are simply a place to stay while someone is passing through, but that doesn't mean that they can't offer a few extra perks to make the stay more enjoyable. Luckily, they don't have to offer shows and in-hotel casinos and try to compete with Vegas hotels. They can do much simpler things to keep their guest well rested and entertained.

Simple things like a decent breakfast and room service are ways that some hotels have separated themselves from the pack. Continental breakfasts are fairly cheap and are well-received by guests. Room service lets guests get their meals without leaving their rooms, which is a nice option for road-weary guests who just want to relax.

Swimming pools are expensive but can be a great addition to any hotel with the budget and room for one. Offering a swimming pool is a great way to get the attention of families on vacation and a Jacuzzi can attract any traveler looking for a nice long soak. Kids can play water sports while the parents watch from the hot tub, all without leaving the hotel. Some hotels even opt for swimming pools with water slides, which can make them even more family friendly.

Exercise rooms complete with weight machines and cardio equipment have joined swimming pools and Jacuzzis as great diversions for travelers. Having an exercise room in a hotel means that the health-conscious traveler doesn't have to miss a day of their workout routine just because they're on the road.

These additions can make a hotel more entertaining, but the fact remains that most people's time in a hotel will be spent in their rooms. For this, hotels are wise to invest in satellite television. The days of flashing "color TV" or "cable" as good ways to lure in travelers are long gone. On the other hand, offering hundreds of channels can catch anyone's eye. With satellite TV, hotels can give their guests the option of watching whatever they want. With packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, hotels can even offer their guests the chance to watch any football game all season long. Many hotels already offer cable, but this usually limits the guests to a handful of channels and no guide. With satellite television, the guests get on-screen menus and hundreds of channels. Many Americans have opted for satellite television in their own homes, and going to hotel that has the same service rather than a different one that takes getting used to can be very comforting to a guest.

These are all great ways to improve a guest's stay at a hotel. Whether a bed and breakfast or just a small motel along the interstate, adding a couple of these ideas to what your hotel already offers can ensure that guests keep putting on their blinkers when they see your sign.

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