Attractive Villa Rentals in Calpe  

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Standing against the backdrop of the gigantic rock of Ifach, the beautiful town of Calpe is the perfect setting for a pleasurable holiday in north Costa Blanca. In addition to its scenic attractions, the affordable location Calpe has made the town a popular place for self-catering vacations.

With fabulous beaches dotting the 11 km long coastline of Calpe, the fascinating Costa Blanca town offers plenty of scope for beach and aquatic activities. From relaxing on the beach under the shade of a parasol to thrilling water sports, there is something for every visitor to Calpe.

Rent in Calpe

With numerous holiday homes boasting of a variety of facilities scattered across the town, location Calpe is quite reasonable. Renting a villa with a private pool is an affordable luxury for most tourists in Calpe. For low cost holidays, consider renting a holiday apartment or a villa without a pool. A number of these self-catering holiday accommodations offer shared pools. While a swimming pool is an optional feature of holiday homes in Calpe, an elegantly manicured lawn or a garden is a common feature in the detached and semi detached villas. The air-conditioned rooms, spacious bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and tastefully decorated living area and bedrooms offer the comforts of modern city life. The balcony and terrace of the villas offer a fascinating view of the surrounding landscape. Numerous holiday villas are located near the beach, offering an impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Why Rent a Villa in Calpe

Apart from the reasonable location Calpe, the flexibility of a villa holiday is a prominent reason for renting a holiday villa in Calpe. By opting for a self-catering vacation, you can enjoy your holiday your way. In the privacy of the villa, you can relax and spend time with family and friends. A holiday villa with fully equipped kitchen and outdoor barbecue area is an affordable party venue in Calpe. Without visiting a plush nightclub or a popular recreational venue, you can have a great time in a lavish villa with family and friends. After an exhausting outdoor adventure, swimming in the villa pool or lounging on the poolside helps to refresh the tired body. For luxury and privacy, a holiday villa is the perfect accommodation in Calpe.

How to Find Villa in Calpe

Websites dealing with holiday villa rentals in the popular holiday areas of Spain offer information about location Calpe. By comparing rents and features, you can locate an appropriate holiday villa.

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