Australia Forces Homes to Get a Pool Fence. Do I Really Need One to Protect My Child?  

by Pool Builders on 06-11-2013 in Articles

Having a nice, big pool in your own garden is many people's wish. For the few lucky ones who actually have one it is the high-class product they have always thought of. Or could it become your worst nightmare because your own kid drowns in it? There are many problems and laws that confuse pool owners so let me clean this whole subject up a little and find a possible solution, shall I?

Too many times per year are families hit by dreadful drownings of their own kids in their own pool. Such an awful catastrophe is difficult to comprehend and will lead to a huge emotional effect on family members. Having said that it is still not obvious for pool owners what to do as there is no explicit information regarding pool laws. Australia for instance, probably known as a country with a lot of pools, has 6 states and therefore 6 different rules regarding pool fences.
Queensland has just released new pool guidelines with the main goal to prevent kid drowning in family homes. Before November 2015 every private house must have an approved pool fence or a penalty applies (that's sometimes the only thing the governments on this world can think of). But does such a pool fence really help me to keep my kid away or is it just another way to get the economy going? Many people I have spoken to say that the new guidelines were created with exactly the goal to create jobs. I thought they have a good point as a pool fence is clearly not inexpensive. However everyone should ask the following question: if I invest so much money in a pool, maybe I should invest some more in an appropriate pool fence?

The answer is quite clear: Yes, a fence around your pool will minimise the risk of kids drowning. If the kid cannot reach the pool on its own, then it will not fall in. The pool fence however should not take away mom's and dad's responsibility of looking after the kid and teaching him or her how to swim. There are some easy rules to follow if you have a pool and you want to see your kid growing up: Build a pool fence around your pool, shut the gate, give swimming lessons, supervise your kid at any time and understand how to resuscitate.

It is also essential to seek the services of a company that can deliver high quality fences with and approved safety gate. If you are scared that the big thing around your pool will transform your garden into a prison, it could be good looking into frameless pool fences. The modern look and the easy maintenance are just excellent and it actually increases the value of your garden. My advise: safe money somewhere else, but get a pool fence if you have kids.

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