Automatic Pool Cleaners - A Hassle Free Way to Maintain Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-29-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a wonderful way to cool off and relax with your children in the long hot summer days. However, the sight of a dirty and murky swimming pool full of floating leaves has got to be a big turnoff. Maintaining and cleaning a pool can be a daunting task. If you can't afford to employ the services of a cleaning company, you will need to do it yourself. The best way to keep your pool spic-and-span is to buy an automatic pool cleaner. The cleaners require minimal human supervision and give maximum cleaning within minimum time. You can relax knowing that the job is getting done while you can enjoy your pool lifestyle uninterrupted.

It's tough to decide on a particular pool cleaner with so many models available from various manufactures. A very wise choice would be to buy a Zodiac pool cleaners, especially one from the Baracuda range of cleaners. These automatic cleaners are very reliable and effective, not to mention hassle free in usage. You will never need to lift a finger if you choose a Zodiac pool cleaner. Zodiac offers an extensive range of the cleaners, and you may pick and choose from them according to your own requirements. All kinds of options like vacuum cleaners, automatic cleaners and floor cleaning systems are available to suit every pool and every budget.

The range of suction Zodiac pool cleaners include:

  • The Zodiac X7 Quattro Suction Cleaner has the patented traction control system for greater maneuverability and adhesion to pool surfaces. It has a twist locking system for the hose so that there is no vacuum loss.
  • The Baracuda Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaners have an advanced hydrodynamic design. They are robust and efficient, and a great all-rounder cleaners.
  • The Baracuda Zodiac Ranger is an affordable and reliable above ground cleaner. It is easy to install and requires just a hose and a cleaning disc to be attached.
  • The Baracuda Zodiac G3 has an anti-stick design, with only one moving part that is the long-life diaphragm. The finned disc ensures maximum adhesion on pool surfaces. It is a silent cleaner with no flapper or hammer noise.

You can conduct your own research on the internet before choosing an appropriate model of the cleaner. Visit the website to get more insight into the world of pool cleaners.

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