Automatic Pool Cleaners For Swimming Pools   

by Pool Builders on 07-07-2011 in Articles

Nowadays, automatic pool cleaners are widely used in cleaning a swimming pool because it saves the time in comparison to manual pool cleaners. You should always buy a branded automatic pool cleaner which costs are more than local made but its benefits are amazing in terms of durability and usability. Local made automatic pool cleaners are also available in the markets which are cheap but their quality is not up to the mark. So, you should never try to buy it. Basically, there are three kinds of automatic swimming pool cleaners: Skimmer Systems, Booster-Pump Systems and In-Floor Systems.

• Skimmer Systems
In skimmer systems, the pool cleaner is connected to the skimmer which uses skimmer to vacuum the pool continuously. A standard vacuum hose is used to connect the opening of skimmer suction with vacuum head which roams in the bottom of the pool. You have to always take care of pump strainer pot which should be clean in using this kind of pool. The strainer pot may be clogged with leaves and other debris which can reduce the suction. You should clean the strainer pot periodically or add a leaf-collecting canister to hose.

• Booster-Pump Systems
In booster-pump swimming pool cleaning systems, a separate pump is installed which is used to catch the water that is on its way back to the pool after visiting the filter and heater. The pump forces high stream to the water through a flexible hose which is attached to a cleaner that moves around the pool. There are two types of bumper-system are used to clean the swimming pool, one is Vacuum Head and the other is Sweep Head. Vacuum head pool cleaner is used to catch the bags for collecting the debris while sweep head pool cleaner stir up debris with their long swirling arms to propel it into the main drain where it is sucked into the debris water or caught in the filter.

• In-Floor Systems
In-floor swimming pool cleaning system is installed at time of constructing the swimming pool. This kind of cleaning system is built into the pool's circulation system. So, you need to plan ahead, before making a pool. The cleaner have heads that pop up at the bottom of the pool and spray jets of water to push the dirt towards the main drain. In this cleaning system, cleaning of the pool takes place in the circulation system.

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