Automatic Pool Vacuums

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2008 in Articles

As private swimming pools have become popular, there are various kinds of vacuums available in the market. The automatic vacuums offer a good line of hygiene and maintenance if swimming is done regularly. Some of the products already available include Polaris 340 cleaner vacuum, Baracuda Pacer vacuum cleaner, Pool buster Max vacuum Aquatic vacuums and Pro-strength Vac head Vacuum.

How do these automatic devices restore the hygienic conditions of the swimming pool? Automated machines move till the bottom of the area. They also reach the sides where dirt and debris are lodged and are difficult to remove. The machine tends to suck every particle, dirt, sand, leaves and even bugs. The automated ones are available for above ground and in ground areas. There are different equipment that varies from the type and design of the pool and the floor texture. The cleaning machine also depends on the evenness, bumpiness or slope of the floor area. The corners also matter- If round or square in size, in order to ensure the debris can be effortlessly sucked out. Some machines have wheels for easy movement. Although the manual ones are cheaper comparatively, the automatic vacuums are an upgraded version and work faster. The automatic machines do all the cleaning and sweeping in and around the pool mechanically. The advanced versions work with the help of remote controls. It gives no trouble in cleaning process. It reaches to the bottom of deeper bodies and the sides easily. Investing in this important cleaning tool is necessary.

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